What is the cause for liquidation?

What is the cause for liquidation?

Repeal by the effect of the law.

  • In the case of regulations stipulating an event for termination and when such an incident occurs.
  • Set up a company with a specified period of time and at the end of that period.
  • Set up a company to do any business and when the business is finished.
  • Bankruptcy company
  • The registrar draws out the name of the company from the register (withdrawal registration).

The wishes of the shareholders is the shareholders' resolution to dissolve the company.

cause for liquidation Dismissed by court order The reason for the court ordering the dissolution of the company is:

  • Making mistakes in filing the minutes of the company formation meeting or making mistakes in the company formation meeting.
  • The company does not start business within 1 year from registration or stops working for up to 1 year.
  • Trade is at a loss and there is no hope of recovery.
  • The number of shareholders is less than 7 people.

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