Who are the users of the account information?

Who are the users of the account information?

Creditor is the person who borrowed money from the business or credit the business for making cash payments, use accounting information to know an entity's ability to pay off debt before lending.

Shareholder is a person who brings money into the business either in the form of cash or things, use accounting information to know how much profit, loss or dividends the company's performance has.

Executives are those who receive returns from the business. Therefore, It is interested in both the operating results and the position of the business. If in a good way executives will get good returns as well.

Competitors need to know accounting information in order to plan their own policies to be able to compete and survive.

Employees know accounting information to consider their own compensation in the form of salary or bonus and including looking at their own stability to stay with the business.

Customers use accounting information to consider the stability of the business before ordering a product or service that is very convincing.

users of the account information

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