How to get a Foreign Business License in Thailand?

The FBL is basically a certification or a ticket that allows you to successfully establish a foreign business in Thailand. This will be awarded to a foreign company or investors that would like to operate their business in Thailand under Thai law. It is important to note that this can only be done if the majority of the company’s shares are foreigners and not Thais. 

The Best Accounting Service and Experience

The accounting sector of a company will also be deemed as an important factor for the company's success. Many startups around the world don't seem to find any necessary needs to hire an accounting agency as some may find hiring a single accountant enough. However, with the help of an accounting firm or agency, you will be able to achieve and accomplish more business tasks to grow your company at a steady pace.

Carbon Tax and the Adjustment of Thai Industry

Countries around the world have always relied heavily on fossil fuels for their energy needs. Thailand has started looking to shift the focus of energy policy to create more energy efficiency and clean energy. With that being said, Thailand has set a price on carbon in a cost-effective way. With carbon tax laws in multiple countries, it will never be right from the start but with the necessary adjustments from the government, the policy environment becomes better. 

Pimaccounting, Company Registration

Pimaccounting is Thailand’s one-stop office for accounting services which supports startups and established local & international businesses. With our wide range of accounting services, we make sure that businesses are able to conduct and grow efficiently without worrying about their finances. Today we are ready to hear about what you are looking for so that we can provide you the specific service that will help your business effectively.

Accounting outsource, Thailand’s premier accounting service.

Pim accounting is Thailand’s premier accounting service firm that helps start-up’s and established international companies start and expand their businesses to Thailand.

The Effect of the Shares resulting from the Capital Increase

Capital of company issuance of new shares in addition to existing shares. There are disadvantages and advantages to the increase of capital. With Pimaccounting, you will learn about how you can achieve the benefits and how to be in the most effective route for your business success.