Corporate income tax for the sale of profits abroad

Persons liable to tax on this base are companies or juristic partnerships disposal of profits shall include:

  • Distribution of profits or any other type of money set as oside from profitr which can be regarded as profits from the profit and loss account or any other account to pay the debt or to set off debt or set up as a creditor in the account of any person in a foreign country 
  • In the event that the facts mentioned in the first paragraph do not appear but has been asked to purchase and transfer foreign currency which is profit or any other type of money set aside from profit or that can be considered as profits going abroad

Corporate income tax for the sale of profits abroad

Other practices that result in the results under paragraph one or twoTax rate and tax calculation, this method of tax disposition of profits abroad to pay tax by deducting from the amount sold at the rate of 10 percent.

Filing tax returns and paying taxes company or juristic partnership that sells profits abroad must file a return and pay tax within seven days from the last day of the month in which the profit is sold The return form used for filing is P.N.D. 54 (filing every time there is a sale of money profit out of Thailand If profits are kept in Thailand, this base tax is not required).

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