We are your one-stop shop for bookkeeping services to keep all of your records in order and up to date.


Pimaccounting is an accounting firm based in the heart of Bangkok filled with accounting experts who can provide bookkeeping services for your business. Our team keeps your accounting organized and up to date to avoid any potential problems that may occur.

With the many regulations in Bangkok regarding your bookkeeping, our accountants can guide you in the right direction or handle your bookkeeping for you. Most companies may find themselves on the route of handling their own bookkeeping. However, having a firm by your side will lead you to make other business decisions without worrying about your accounting.

Through the bookkeeping process that will occur monthly according to the law in Thailand, we can make sure that your finances are in order by providing a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, and more.

As we incorporate technology into our work, we can make sure that your records are organized well and easy for your to read to understand which areas of your business are going right and wrong. Being able to look into this information will give you a sense of direction of what you should be doing next to improve your business.

Implementation of technology into your accounting goes a long way to keeping everything in order.

Not only does our expertise come from providing professional accounting services, but we have the capabilities of incorporating technology into everything we do. Our accountants are experienced in this area and we can give you knowledge on how to adapt to these new scenarios.

Many may find this skeptical, but the tools that accountants use are top-notch software that can be useful to any size of business. All of the heavy liftings comes from our team where you can focus and manage your business tasks and needs at any given moment.

Full Bookkeeping Services in Bangkok

1. Monthly Profit/Loss Statements

2. Balance Sheets

3. 24-hour access to reports through our software

Why invest in Thailand?
Why invest in Thailand?

Thailand’s economy has seen a growing state in the modern area and is characterized by steady growth, strong exports, and...

Providing tailor made solutions for every business type.
Providing tailor made solutions for every business type.

CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT, As a certified accounting firm, our knowledge of Thai markets allows us to provide tailor-made solutions...

Understanding the Business Climate and Culture in Thailand
Understanding the Business Climate and Culture in Thailand

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