GDPR & PDPA guidance for an e-commerce retail company

A famed e-commerce retail company sought professional advice from Pimlegal, a leading legal expert in data protection. Pimlegal clarified the finer points of GDPR requirements and what they meant for their organisation.

Accounting and tax services in Thailand

Our accountants help you manage your account at a low cost.

5 Benefits of Smart Visa over Non-B Visa

For many years in Thailand, ex-pats or foreigners in general that are looking to work here seek for the Non-B visa as it was common and showed benefits to being able to work here.However, it is now the Smart Visa that has entered the playing game in which people should look to get. 

Thailand BOI Approves Steps to Ease COVID-19 Impact, Accelerate Investment in Medical Sector.

BOI approved a series of measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak on business, including steps to encourage rapid investment in the manufacturing of medical equipment.

Helping you Make business registration in Thailand easier.

Pimaccounting’s business sets up consultants in Thailand to manage all the heavy-lifting. It all starts with a free, no-commitment consultation where we will guide you through all the latest information

The advantages of hiring an accountant.

Accounting is the key of conducting a business. It is what makes you aware of the financial performances of the business. Therefore requires expertise and careful attention to detail in the preparation of accounting.