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Financial Audit services for Thailand business


Accounting auditors examine financial statements, tax returns and other financial records to verify that they are correct and in compliance with company and government regulations. Your job as an accountant auditor is to spot potential fraud and tax evasion. Based on your findings, you write reports and make recommendations to other departments to improve financial efficiency.

All legal entities in Thailand are required to keep and prepare accounts. This includes limited companies, registered partnerships, and foreign juristic persons doing business in Thailand. Failure to do so can lead to a criminal offense and a possible penalty of up to 200,000 THB. There are many steps that must be taken before an audit report can be prepared. It is crucial that your company is transparent about the pricing and not just the task of getting an audit report written and signed.

Our Audit Office in Bangkok offers Accounting Audit Services & Tax Audit Services. This includes Tax & Accounting Compliance Advisory Services. The services are provided by our Thai & English Speaking Auditors - CPA (Certified Public Accountant), TA (Tax Auditor). We are keenly aware of the Clients' Benefits (TFRS, GAAPs, GAAS, Revenue Department Rules & Regulations & FAP Rules & Regulation), and can offer some helpful advices during audit.

Statutory Audits In Thailand, our statutory audit services comply with Thailand standards. Our professionals are qualified to perform the duties of statutory auditor in Thailand for companies with their headquarters elsewhere. Apart from our years of experience, our strength is also the relationship we have with our customers. This allows for us to be extremely successful in providing the necessary audit services and other functions to help your organization's Thai statutory auditor. Financial Audits using IFRS/Another Reporting Standard. Our team is highly skilled in Financial Advisory. We are able to produce financial statements based on IFRS and Other Reporting Standards.

We offer a complete range of company registration for starting, maintaining and managing a business in Thailand.

Our accounting and legal firm specializes in creating a safe and secure company structure for foreigners with the help of our legal and consulting staff. In addition, our accountant experts (CPA) have set up thousands of companies in Bangkok, Thailand and have a strong standing decades of experience in company registration and all facets of Thai law for foreigners. Contact us now for a free consultation and we are here to assist you with anything.

Individuals planning to register a business in Bangkok, Thailand have always come across the idea that it is rarely as straightforward as they would like it to be. This is known to be true for those unfamiliar with Thailand’s taxation laws and legal practices. The good news is that with our team’s expertise and extensive knowledge, setting up a company in Bangkok or within Thailand has never been easier. Thanks to a range of new government incentives, from tax allowances to easier access to work permits for non-Thai nationals, the flexibility of great deals is now possible that would have been seen as unrealistic in the past.

Thailand offers a wide range of business structures, many of which are available to foreigners just as long as they do not violate the conditions of the Foreign Business Act. A legal form of a business can be a sole proprietorship, an ordinary or limited partnership, a representative, a regional or branch office, a joint venture, a limited company, or even a foreign company itself. In addition, each entity is either trading or non-trading, and different rules apply towards its ownership (majority Thai v.s. foreign).

Thai limited company

For most cases, the initial step to setting up a new business in Bangkok or within Thailand is establishing a Thai limited company, a Thai equivalent of Limited Liability Company (LLC). In comparison to the West, the creation of a Thai limited company does not happen instantly as a formalized incorporation process has to take place before anything else. To begin the process, two essential documents are required: the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association, both of which must be registered with the Thai Ministry of Commerce. The Articles of Association may be fitted to match the specific needs of the company so as long as the original shareholders and promoters agree to the terms in writing.

Company Registration Step

1. Company registration in Thailand

1.1 Name reservation. You can provide 3 names: the desired name for your company along with two alternative names.

  • Submission by yourself to Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.
  • Submission via to Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.

1.2 Registration of a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

The MOA is a document which provides the names and personal information for all of the company’s shareholders, registered capital, the company’s address and intended scope of business activities.

1.3 Convention of a Statutory Meeting

Meeting all shareholders to make all the appointments and to set up the company officially.

1.4 The Ministry of Commerce will issue the company certification, a list of shareholders and company articles of association.

2 Tax registration: all documents associated with the registration of the company must be submitted to the Revenue Department.

3 VAT registration: after getting a Tax certificate, you can apply for a VAT certificate from the Revenue Department.

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Providing tailor made solutions for every business type.

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