Our Accounting Experts have the ability to handle the payroll for your business with the use of technology.


Pimaccounting is a one-stop service solution for accounting services located in the heart of Bangkok. Our certified accountants and experts can take your business to the next level by handling all the heavy lifting while you focus on the important tasks of your business. In our monthly accounting services, we can also assist you with payroll services.

As an accounting firm with expertise in technology, we combine both concepts into one to make your life easier and also get the most out of what you’re looking for. Our team can guide you through the whole accounting setup to get you involved as this is ultimately your business and it’s our job to make sure everything is in order.

You may find that any number of employees within your business can be a tedious task to calculate and process salaries. This should be done by your accountant so that you can focus solely on your business.

As one of the top accounting firms in Thailand, we provide flexible payroll services and management for all business sizes by keeping everything in order and up to date. Pimaccounting prides itself on being an organized agency, and thus you will be presented with data and information that you can analyze to see if anything is wrong with your business.

You can rely on our certified accountants to make sure all the information is delivered properly and is up to date.

The use of technology to calculate your employee's salaries is important as it is vital that the correct amount is being given rather than a mistake. Our software can handle this for you with strong automation features that can be easily customized to your liking and lucky for you, our team can handle all of this.

You can now speak to one of our team members to receive a free consultation on how our firm can be of service to you. We provide all types of accounting services that will be beneficial to you and if you have a business in Thailand already, you will find our accounting firm to be one of the best in Bangkok

What do we offer for our payroll services?

1. Accurate Payroll Calculations

2. Pay-slips Creations for your Employees

3. PND.1

4. Social Security Filing

5. Provident Fund

6. Compensation

7. Fees and payments to the government

Why invest in Thailand?
Why invest in Thailand?

Thailand’s economy has seen a growing state in the modern area and is characterized by steady growth, strong exports, and...

Providing tailor made solutions for every business type.
Providing tailor made solutions for every business type.

CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT, As a certified accounting firm, our knowledge of Thai markets allows us to provide tailor-made solutions...

Understanding the Business Climate and Culture in Thailand
Understanding the Business Climate and Culture in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for foreign investors due to its favorable business environment and vibrant culture. However,...

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