Thai Holding Company

Pimaccounting can help you with the establishment of a holding company and the restructuring of your entire business.

For businesses today of all sizes, a Holding Company is a great strategy to manage your assets as well as other affiliated companies and is a great tool to hedge any risks for your business.

A structure that helps manage your assets effectively

Implement hedging measures and strategies for your business to increase efficiency in business and property management

Why restructure to a holding company

Global businesses have chosen to restructure into a Holding Company as a strategy because of the advantages that promote the business well

  • Protects your assets and limits business risks
  • Structures your company for expansion opportunities
  • Increase efficiency in business and property management
  • Used as a welfare management tool for families
  • Reduces tax burden and limits property risk
  • Increases transparency for your business operations
  • Reduces capital in your business operations
  • Increases convincingly of transferring business or passing on business partnerships

A Parent Holding Company structure is a shield that protects the assets of its affiliated companies. Creditors of a subsidiary are also considered as a creditors of a child. These creditors cannot touch any assets owned by holdings or other business units under the holding.

Transferring assets and managing assets can be done in a flexible manner

You can allocate assets or dividends conveniently and transparently to shareholders who are members of the business and use it as a cash pool. Passing assets around can be allocated efficiently compared to conventional company structures in Thailand.

Company structuring tools that can be used to support expansions

If you do not structure as a holding company and combine multiple business into one, then you will find difficulties due to the ambigousness of the business. Preparation of various reports of the company will also be inaccurate which makes the measurement of the performance or profitability of each business inefficient.

Reduces tax expenses

Holding Companies will allow shareholders to delay their tax liabilities and save income taxes because receiving dividends from their subsidiaries is tax exempted. Pulling out money of its subsidiary directly to shareholders will result in shareholders to withhold tax or must take dividen income to personal tax. However, if the dividend is paid to the holding company instead, tax exemption arise from dividend income

One stop service

Pimaccounting will manage the analyzation and creating the right plan for your business in Thailand.

  • Choose an establishment for you
  • Holding Company’s upcoming revenue plan
  • Plan holding company expenditures for retained earnings management
  • Create a system placed as classified for business and family assets
  • Manage risks that can occur during the restructuring period


After we analyze your data, Pimaccounting will present a restructuring plan with a team of experits to calculate the tax plan and establish the financial structure of the holding company in Thailand.

  • Summary of all company struture changes after customer decisions
  • Document for changes in the list of shareholders
  • Document the establishment ofa holding company
  • Prepare stock certificates
  • Write down all documents to the ministry of commerce
  • Deliver any documents necessary

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