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Business Visa

Get a Thailand one-year business visa


One-year multiple entry non-immigrant B (business) visa is a visa issued to foreigners interested in pursuing business opportunities or looking to invest in a company, business or a condominium in Thailand.

Approval of this visa largely depends on the purpose of the application and once issued (at a Thai embassy abroad), it needs to be used within one year. However, it requires the visa holders to exit and re-enter Thailand every 90 day by air, sea or land travel.

Please be aware that a one-year multiple entry non-immigrant B visa is valid for a period of 12 months. Each entry is valid for 90 days. After each entry you are required to leave the country via any border checkpoint to secure another 90-day entry stamp. This is simply a stamp, no visits to a Thai consulate nor any fees are required. A short bus trip to Cambodia is the easiest route, but any border checkpoint will be fine.

Application procedure

- You provide the passport details of the applicant
- You transfer the professional fees by wire transfer, Western Union or via PayPal
- Sponsorship documents are prepared and couriered directly to you or to the appropriate Thai consulate or embassy
- You will apply for the visa, with the supporting sponsor documents, directly at the consulate or Thai embassy or courier your application if allowed (depends on location)
- The Thai embassy or consulate will issue you the one year multiple entry Non-Immigrant B visa
- You are now welcome to enter Thailand